ASQUI Ventures is a creative conglomerate spanning the Media, Entertainment, Fashion and Communication Industries whose focus in on branding and presentation. Branding is an incredibly important tool for creating and building your business. It is the science and art of making something that isn’t unique, unique. Branding is the promises you make and the promises you keep.

Established in 2005 by fashion designer, Dewry Bradford, ASQUI Ventures was formed to meet a specific need. During this period, brands were experiencing similar issues. They needed to stay on-trend and consistent without breaking the bank. As former Head Designer/Design Director of various popular brands, such as Steve Madden Outerwear, Sean John Outerwear, Puma Outerwear, Popluxe, Phat Farm and Ecko International, Dewry honed in on his expertise to produce products within the Outerwear and Ready-to-wear Markets.


On January 1, 2019, Dewry Bradford joins forces with former Fashion Week Online owner, Christopher Collie, to form an innovation in Media... LuxeportINTL.com!

Christopher Collie and Neil Lucas along with LuxeportINTL formed a partnership to create the J.Lucas x C.Collie Collection which launched on June 24, 2019 @ the male grooming boutique SPIFF for Men in Midtown Manhattan.

We are pleased to announce the 2nd Annual HealthJox Festival!  This year ASQUI Ventures partnered with The Office of the Brooklyn Borough President and The Breathe Life Foundation, Inc to produce a free festival where attendees can take part in sport and health activities while enjoying live entertainment all at The Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 2 in DUMBO, Brooklyn on Friday, July 26th from 10:00 am - 7:00pm.

HealthJox Festival 2-Day Weekend - 2019

ASQUI Ventures Creative's Cartel Health Jox
ASQUI Ventures Creative's Cartel HealthJox Festival
Prayer Jam Runways On Fire The Enlightener
Prayer Jam Runways On Fire The Enlightener Magazine
The Breathe Life Foundation LuxeportINTL One Breath
The Breathe Life Foundation LuxeportINTL One Breath