On August 25, 2018, Concert Curators will launch an annual community-based, Health & Wellness Festival called Health Jox at Kaiser Park, located on Neptune Avenue from West 25th st. - West 31st. (The main entrance is on West 29th st., Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York.) Powered by the Coney Island Community Council NYC (our 501c3), we will give the opportunity for culture-based vendors in the Community to showcase a native food dish or merchandise from their respective Country of Origin in an effort to exhibit an acceptance of diversity, togetherness and UNITY in our Community! We will also give the Community the opportunity to participate and win metals/trophies during our Basketball, Track and Tennis clinics. Event goers will enjoy live performances and battles by local and well-known Artists performing on the Health Jox Stage!

The purpose of Health Jox is to create awareness so we can begin the conversation regarding health & wellness and the need to rebuild relationships in the community. We are determined to impact our communities in a way where we actually improve their quality of life. We believe that it all begins with a conversation and we know that music and sports are great vehicles to bring people together. Our mission is to ultimately establish locations where the community can attend and be active through sports and healthy living training throughout the year, hence establishing and supporting healthier lifestyles for our families and our communities as a whole.

Our goal is to raise money for church’s in the community as well as donating to the Coney Island Community Council and One Breath Organization so they can continue their great work in the Communities of America. We will accomplish this while creating an atmosphere of family fun and excitement, as we dispense information about deadly diseases and healthy activities that will improve quality of life in our community.

Sponsors & Supporters

We would like to extend a warm thank you to all of the Sponsors and Supporters who helped to make the Health Jox Festival brand launch in Coney Island on August 25th  SUCCESS!



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