Jared Bradford, who goes by the stage name “Jared” is a 16 year old kid from Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn with a love for dancing and singing. Through his Junior High School years, he enrolled in prestigious talent school created by comedian Rosie O’donnell Rosie’s Theater Kids where he learned how to act, conduct himself in the music studio, choreography, and how to express himself on stage.  During this time, he also cultivated his skills as a drummer. 

Jared comes from a talented family where everyone from his Aunties, Uncles and Grandparents either sings, dance, designs fashion or play multiple instruments.  He also has a brother who draws and does tattoo art as well as a sister who sings and dances in the gospel genre.

Jared began dancing at the tender age of 2 and started singing at 5 years old.  His true start was in his Grandfather’s church choir and talent shows. After watching he meteoric rise of his biggest influences Chris Brown and Michael Jackson, Jared focused deeply on his stage performances and choreography.  He then began writing his own music and seeking out sound tracks for his own songs. His love for music grew and he wrote his first song when he was around 8 and recorded his first song with his oldest brother. As a teenager, Jared began getting exposed to relationship issues and used music as an outlet to express his thoughts and feelings. This improved his writing skills and he became better and better over time.

Jared’s motto is,  “Never be afraid to show your talents no matter what nobody thinks.”  This attitude has taken him to the point of joining the Blassinggame team of performers.  Now his goal is to become as successful as Chris Brown and Michael Jackson so he can share happiness, love and the good-life with people around the world.